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Nowadays, there is a growing need for accurate monitoring of the real end-user experience of mission critical applications. Poor application performance impacts business efficiency, and therefore service clients are demanding SLAs based on response time instead of availability. Relying on user perception is no longer an option.

Furthermore, optimal availability and performance of packaged and custom-developed software applications today rely on a complex fabric of components such as middleware, application servers, and Web services. However, large user bases and multi-tiered architectures mean that monitoring servers for periods of heavy resource usage won’t necessarily give the full picture, and installing monitoring agents on each client would be prohibitively expensive.

“OnTarget Services” can provide centralised monitoring platforms that analyse the actual user traffic to determine response times for key application transactions. We can help you monitor services and response times to detect potential slowdowns or performance bottlenecks before the end-user is affected, monitor and adjust resources to ensure they are used efficiently and trace transactions and accurately diagnose problems by quickly drilling down to the root cause.

Application Performance Monitoring solutions integrate with other management solutions to provide seamless, end-to-end management across the enterprise. Hence with Application Management, you can analyze root-cause and quickly recover from application failures. You also gain invaluable visibility to ensure optimal end-to-end IT performance that aligns with your business priorities.


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