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Service Level Management

Service Level Management is the primary management of IT services, ensuring that agreed services are delivered when and where they are supposed to be delivered. The Service Level Manager is dependent upon all the other areas of Service Delivery providing the necessary support that ensures the agreed services are provided in a secure, efficient and cost effective manner.

There are a number of business processes that form part of Service Level Management like reviewing existing services, negotiating with the customers, reviewing the underpinning contacts of 3rd party service providers, producing and monitoring the Service Level Agreement (SLA), implementing the Service Improvement policy and processes, establishing priorities, planning for service growth, etc.

“OnTarget Services”, implementing Service Level Management solutions, enables you to proactively manage service levels from the business perspective. We provide compliance reporting that lets you measure application service levels against business objectives. This allows you to define realistic, quantifiable service-level objectives and track performance in real-time.

Availability, throughput, response time, response policies all of these common service-level parameters are measured. IT performance measurement is then linked to vital business goals. Finally, and once the SLAs are in place, we compile and analyze performance data and report it regularly to the SLA customer. All that leads to service improvement.


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