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Automated Load and Stress Testing

Load Tests are end to end performance tests under anticipated production load. The primary objective of this test is to determine the response times for various time critical transactions and business processes and that they are within documented expectations. The test also measures the capability of the application to function correctly under load, by measuring transaction pass/fail/error rates. 

Stress Tests determine the load under which a system fails, and how it fails. This is in contrast to Load Testing, which attempts to simulate anticipated load. It is important to know in advance if a ‘stress’ situation will result in a catastrophic system failure, or if everything just “goes really slow”. There are various varieties of Stress Tests, including spike, stepped and gradual ramp-up tests. Catastrophic failures require restarting various infrastructures and contribute to downtime and a stress-full environment for support staff and managers.

“OnTarget Services” can do the entire load and performance testing job, and leave behind a test suite that can be executed by staff that has undergone basic product training. We have extensive experience with the best products in the market ensuring fast build of a test suite. We also have substantial experience working with test scripting that is being developed to meet unique needs of a specific technology. We are skilled in enhancing such tests, if needed, or can design and build a test for any purpose that requires scalable, repeatable functionality.


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