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Requirements and test management is concerned with meeting the needs of end users through identifying and specifying what they need. Requirements may be focused on outcomes or they may need to be specified in precise terms. The important issue is that those specifying the requirement have an adequate understanding of what the users need and how the market is likely to meet that need; they also need to be able to keep any changes to the requirement to an appropriate minimum and to document the requirement in such a way that the market will be able to understand what is required. 

“OnTarget Services” requirements and test management services provide traceability and control of a project's business and functional requirements, use cases, and defects for early and accurate test case planning. We give you timely, accurate and customized reports. Our requirements and test management services gives IT software teams the visibility and collaboration needed to deliver high-value software in rapid iterations. We unite requirements tracking, defect tracking, test tracking and management. We do that using software of leading software vendors for various companies and corporate development teams.

“OnTarget Services” aims to help companies succeed with software development. We enable your IT team to automatically create quality assurance testing requirements and test assets for various environments. We help you access, track, measure and ensure requirements. You also help - consolidating the massive volume of test results data to produce useful test status reports - project teams who want to manage their requirements, write good use cases, improve traceability, strengthen collaboration, reduce project risk, and increase quality.


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