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OnTarget Services provides consulting and implementation services on various software platforms. Our company not only supports integrated solutions but also delivers the appropriate material necessary for covering all IT management aspects.

In other words we help you improve your IT systems and efficiently upgrade your infrastructure so that your employees focus on adding value to your business rather than solving day-to-day problems. Our services bundle aims to maximize the value of your investment in the Information Systems area by allying it to business goals. On top of that, we not only consult you in achieving your goals but we are ready to drive you there because your goals and needs is our business.

Through industry and technology expertise plus collaborative, customer-focused relationships, we help businesses achieve and sustain measurable results. Our professional integrity and strong track record of bringing value to every project we engage help us build solid relationships. IT should always be oriented to specific company needs but also to the kind of control the IT manager needs to maintain over every Information Technology task. This is why we want to create and maintain reciprocity with the client and transform our role into a strategic partner.

"OnTarget Services" maximizes and optimizes the investment in IT by ensuring that the existing technology is fully utilized. The services we provide to our customers are:

Assessment for companies and organizations to determine if there is scope for improving their IT infrastructure and processes.

Software Selection. "OnTarget Services" consultants work with companies and organizations helping them produce recommendations about which IT management software is the most appropriate for their environment.

Proof-of-concept services for any IT management product chosen by the customer.

IT management software architecture based on the organizations requirements.

Implementation services based on a consultative process that is driven by the client’s unique requirements.

Development of “software quality management” projects using the latest technologies.

Project management skills to customers’ organizations delivered by "OnTarget Services" quickly and efficiently.

Training. We provide a set of open and adaptable courses allowing a smooth transition to the use of various software technologies.

"OnTarget Services" provides the best-of-breed solutions that are highly integrated and span distributed environments to ensure high quality service, as well as optimal system availability, throughput and performance. These are:

Network Management

Network Management software components perform specific tasks to monitor and manage the health and availability of various aspects of the network. Network Management components also collect and retain a rich set of data about network operations.

Systems Management

Systems Management software components perform specific tasks to monitor and manage the health and availability of IT systems across complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform computing environments.

Applications Management

Applications Management solutions optimize the performance of critical applications, but also integrate with other Management solutions to provide seamless, end-to-end management across the enterprise.

Desktops Management

Utilizing desktop management solutions, organizations increase the productivity of not only the administrator by automating desktop management tasks, but also the user, by providing a consistent, secure and functional working environment each and every time they logon.

Service Management

Service Management solutions enable you to provide exceptional IT value by delivering IT services that support business demands. By capturing service demands and efficiently managing them throughout the service lifecycle, you can ensure delivery of high quality and cost-effective services to businesses.

Software Quality Management

Software Quality Management solutions address the full range of software quality assurance challenges that companies face. It is a continuous, governed and automated programme throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Storage Management

Such solutions provide comprehensive cross-platform backup/recovery, disaster recovery, data replication and failover helping you to securely manage and protect data resources while aligning with business objectives.

Security Management

Security Management solutions enable you to proactively manage your entire security environment so you can focus on your business.



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