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"OnTarget Services" provides reliable services, exceptional support and affordable pricing to businesses and organizations for their IT projects. To continuously achieve our own high standards, we employee only experienced and talented computer engineers and have built a large network of independent and affiliated professionals.

Herein, we present projects in which "OnTarget Services" consultants were involved, divided into specific areas:

Network Management

Systems Management

Application Management

Desktop Management

Service Management

Software Quality Management

Software Quality Managament solutions address the full range of software quality assurance challenges that companies face. It is a continous, governed and automated programme throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Major Greek bank: Automated Functional as well as Performance Tests needed to be implemented for various critical banking applications. The developed solutions support all testing aspects and cover the whole testing cycle. From requirements identification to the vast amount of scripting and the actual test runs. Detailed reports were handed to the management of the bank for analysis and improvement.

2nd larger bank in Greece: Application vendor's development team experienced performance/tuning issues with application code stream, mainly related to application heap size (fragmentation) and excessive garbage collection (memory leaks). Automated Performance Tests were implemented and executed to establish customerís current performance profile against future evaluations. a fully owned subsidiary of Eurobank EFG group which provides Information Systems Operations and Data Processing Services into the international subsidiaries and branches

International subsidiary of a major Greek bank: The Disaster Recovery Site transfer, from a foreign country here in Greece, had to be prepared. Various systems and applications involved needed to be tested for the anticipated production load. HP LoadRunner is the perfect tool for this kind of job. Business cases were implemented as LR scripts and were loaded to the system for various numbers of users and time periods. Detailed reports were handed to the management for analysis and consideration.

Storage Management

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