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"OnTarget Services" provides reliable services, exceptional support and affordable pricing to businesses and organizations for their IT projects. To continuously achieve our own high standards, we employee only experienced and talented computer engineers and have built a large network of independent and affiliated professionals.

Herein, we present projects in which "OnTarget Services" consultants were involved, divided into specific areas:

Network Management

Systems Management

Application Management

Desktop Management

Utilizing desktop management solutions, organizations increase the productivity of not only the administrator, by automating desktop management tasks, but also the end-users, by providing a consistent, secure and functional working environment each and every time they logon.

Medical Group: A Desktop Management solution was implemented for 600 workstations distributed to 5 sites all over Greece and central administration in Athens. It was a demanding implementation due to the nature of the customer and the very slow links between remote sites.

Public Service: For more than 1400 workstations all over Greece we implemented a Remote Control, Asset Management and Software Delivery solution from a central site.

Greek bank: "OnTarget Services" has recently completed the project of updating the Desktop Management software for this bank's ATMs. Asset Management and Software Delivery latest versions were used to upgrade the Central Server and create the template installation for the Bank's ATM image.

Company organizing tourist agencies and hotels: This is a company that needs to administer their 200 remote client sites (about 1300 desktops). Each customer site consists of one server, and a range of 5 to 25 desktops. Among many different solutions which have to be implemented, a Desktop Management (Software Delivery, Asset Management and Remote Control) was included in order to maintain the company's headquarters. Best Practices were followed to standardize their internal procedures.

Major Greek bank:  They had more than 350 branches, 600 servers and almost 9,000 desktops. Their main concern was how to perform software delivery, HW and SW inventory and remote control, without keeping local administrators for each branch, and to reduce the expenses coming from 3rd party companies which maintained their distributed systems. We delivered a solution for Software Delivery, Asset Management and Remote Control from a central location, and developed all the necessary procedures in order to have only one person administrating the entire infrastructure of Desktop Management.

Mid-size Greek bank: Their IT infrastructure consisted of approximately 700 desktops and 60 servers. Their primary goal was to centrally administer all infrastructure components including the networking stuff. The solution which we implemented, regarding desktop management, fully covered their needs for Asset Management, Software Delivery and Remote Control.

Ministry: They asked for a solution which would perform centralized desktop management over WAN by using dialup/ISDN connectivity for 500 remote sites implementing NAT (Network Address Translation) all over Greece. Each site would have one server and approximately 10 to 12 desktops which resulted to a number of about 5,000 desktops and 500 servers. We provided a solution which obviously took under consideration various aspects of this very complicated and demanding infrastructure.

Well known Greek Computer Hardware distributor: They had approximately 400 PCs and 40 servers. They needed real time monitoring for their production systems, and the ability for remote administration on their terminals, mainly for maintenance tasks, network traffic reports and real time queries. One of their primary need was to apply SAP changes on the terminals, in one shot, during night hours. In addition, we gave them online licensing metering for their applications which should be limited to specific numbers, depending on corresponding license contracts.

Μιlitary force: They would like to centrally manage their desktops and servers. Their infrastructure consisted of one AIX server and more than 400 desktops. Their main issues were to deliver, very often, software packages for ORACLE applications and some other in-house military applications. They also needed to have hardware surveillance over their desktops like USB, disks, floppies, etc. in order to control any data copy for disclosure purposes.

Major Greek bank: We were responsible for the end-to-end installation and configuration of the software modules Remote Control, Inventory and Software Distribution. We administered the whole environment (more than 6,000 PCs) aiming to the bank’s peripheral systems support.


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