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"OnTarget Services" provides reliable services, exceptional support and affordable pricing to businesses and organizations for their IT projects. To continuously achieve our own high standards, we employee only experienced and talented computer engineers and have built a large network of independent and affiliated professionals.

Herein, we present projects in which "OnTarget Services" consultants were involved, divided into specific areas:

Network Management

Systems Management

Application Management

Desktop Management

Service Management

Software Quality Management

Storage Management

Security Management

Security Management solutions enable you to proactively manage your entire security environment so you can focus on your business.

Commercial Company of Electronics: Upgrade for the central management solution of a well known Antivirus software, to the latest release. Central server installation, security policies built for external and internal threats as well as agents roll-out to all the client workstations.

Bank of Greece: An installation, documentation, training and support solution was implemented for a well known Antivirus software. At the beginning, we installed the central management solution for this Antivirus in the test environment and then we migrated to the production.

Insurance company: They asked to implement a systems and application security audit system. Their main obligation was the internal security audits which required having various security, weekly and monthly, reports. The project involved all of their production servers, applications (i.e. financial, databases, etc.) and some HW devices. The auditing system tracks down the upcoming events with the greatest resolution, allowing the administrator to group and correlate events, and also perform all the required actions.

Commercial company: They needed to provide a solution to their customers for Antivirus and Antispyware protection. However, this security solution should be centrally managed in a way that the administrator could ensure that all of the 1,200 client machines were up to date regarding virus signatures and security policies. Special consideration was given that in case of communication failure each site should immediately operate individually.

Major Greek bank: They wanted to implement a pilot project for automated user provisioning over heterogeneous platforms and different application coverage. The target environment included all of their available systems such as MVS (RACF security and application security VSAM files), TANDEM, AS400, Windows servers and their main financial application. The provisioning should be done in an automatic way, simultaneously on all the systems and applications. The authorization access levels were defined within the application by implementing organizational and departmental hierarchies. The project required programming skills of code development for special modules called "connectors" which objective is to communicate with in-house developed applications.





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