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"OnTarget Services" provides reliable services, exceptional support and affordable pricing to businesses and organizations for their IT projects. To continuously achieve our own high standards, we employee only experienced and talented computer engineers and have built a large network of independent and affiliated professionals.

Herein, we present projects in which "OnTarget Services" consultants were involved, divided into specific areas:

Network Management

Systems Management

Application Management

Desktop Management

Service Management

Software Quality Management

Storage Management

Such solutions provide comprehensive cross-platform backup/recovery, disaster recovery, data replication and failover helping you to securely manage and protect data resources while aligning with business objectives.

Commercial company: They required to implement a remote Disaster Recovery for all their remote client systems which resided in their customer sites, as well as their own business servers. The project included design and implementation of a GFS backup plan and a disaster recovery detailed procedure methodology, for all the servers.

Ministry: They needed a software failover solution for their core monitoring systems. The scope of this project was to create a fail-safe system that it could provide 24x7 business continuity. The architecture included one online replicator server, in stand-by (secondary) mode, and the actual application server (primary) in the role of replicant. In case of a failure the secondary should swap IP address with the primary. For the re-instating, procedures were created and established.

Banking company: They asked to implement a software cluster for their main business application and filing servers. A High Availability solution was installed on three of their main servers. A separate dedicated server had the role of the replicator of the other three. So, in case of a failure of the primary servers the secondary immediately swapped IP and took control. After recovering the failure re-instate procedures were built to activate the primary servers.


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