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Technology News

16/6/2016 - HPE + Flowserve: Harnessing the Industrial Internet

Internet of Things - Discover Las Vegas 2016

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8/1/2015 - Once upon a time, developers and operatios were often at each other's throats. Since the advent of devops, however, these battle lines have been failing away.

7 cool tools for doing devops right

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5/1/2015 - According to findings, despite a 50 percent decline in the number of cyber attacks against US retailers, the number of records stolen from them remains at near record highs.

Number of Cyber Attacks on Retailers Drops by Half

26/12/2014 - HP today announced Digital Customer Experience services for Oracle to help companies plan, build and manage customer experience business solutions.

HP Launches Services for Oracle Applications

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2/1/2014 - A powerful approach to artificial intelligence could be coming to smartphones.

An AI Chip to Help Computers Understand Images



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20/2/2013 - If you're going to allow users to bring their own devices, find out what you can do to maintain security and be a happier you. These ten security recommendations will help you do both.

10 things you can do to boost your BYOD security



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3/12/2012 - Apple’s products are widely viewed across the market as the finest available.

Apple Products' Vaunted Reputation for Quality: 10 Major Shortcomings



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4/9/2012 - Cultivating partner loyalty today is a complex, multifaceted endeavor, one that warrants a new vision incorporating new approaches to partner enablement.

6 Ways To Strengthen Partner Loyalty In The Cloud Era



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25/5/2012 - Cloud security starts with having protections in place specifically for protecting the cloud.

Gartner: Don't trust cloud provider to protect your corporate assets


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26/2/2012 - The CEO of Dropbox explains why simplicity is so hard to achieve.

Dropbox: Founder Drew Houston Simplifies the Cloud



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13/2/2012 - Space agency NASA has switched off its last IBM Z9 mainframe. Chief information officer said that the environment had been kept alive this long "to support applications that we knew would soon be retired."

NASA powers down last mainframe



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27/1/2012 - This list in honor of National Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28 involves technologies from search to social media, email to voice mail, mobile phones to Webcams.

15 worst Internet privacy scandals of all time



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12/1/2012 - Businesses that are serious about finding the right mix of public and private cloud services need to first get to grips with their IT spending.

Dreaming of cloud? Get your own house in order first



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5/1/2012 - ... a small metal rectangle, as thin as a credit card, is dropped into a glass of ordinary water and placed in the sun. Within seconds, bubbles begin to flow - oxygen from one side, hydrogen from the other.

Taking a Leaf from Nature's Book



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18/2/2011 - Cloud computing takes enterprise IT to a new level, one where software and hardware take a back seat to services delivered over the internet.




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21/10/2010 - Ordinarily, the release of a single ultraportable Mac should not be reason for Redmond to quake in its boots, but yesterday's announcements by Apple should give the Windows team plenty of reason to fear.



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6/8/2010 - A study of the words used in different types of junk email has revealed some of the tactics used by spammers.

Spam analysis shows that it pays to be polite



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3/6/2010 - Netbooks—small, light, inexpensive laptops designed for basic business tasks like e-mail and Web browsing ...

How Netbooks are fighting back against the Tablets



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3/4/2010 - Apple's iPad will change use patterns, alter expectations and force PC makers that compete with Apple to change their strategies.

The iPad is here and it means Business



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9/2/2010 - The increasing focus on application performance is rooted in a key fact: No matter how well applications are designed, no matter how well they meet business requirements, they are virtually useless to end-users if performance is sluggish or unreliable ...

Building and Managing a Performance Center of Excellence



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29/11/2009 -  Creating effective and efficient identity management competencies requires more than just the input of the IT department. 

Who's That Employee?



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3/10/2009 -  Google has built its Native Client technology into its newest version of Chrome, endowing the browser with new processing power for running Web applications.

Native Client in Chrome: Google flexes Web muscle



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2/8/2009 -  CIBER needed a solution that would deliver IT services faster, more cost effectively, and with a greater degree of quality. CIBER chose CA Service Desk to overcome its challenges. CA Service Desk provides incident, problem, change, knowledge, request and configuration management all within one solution.

CIBER Replaced BMC Remedy with CA Service Desk



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8/6/2009 -  HP (NYSE:HPQ), Intel Corporation and Yahoo! Inc. today announced that three new research organizations will join Open Cirrus™, a global, multiple data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research.

HP, Intel and Yahoo! Attract Leading Research Organizations to Collaborative Cloud Computing Test Bed



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21/4/2009 - HP today announced the integration of VMware vSphere™ 4 into its HP Adaptive Infrastructure (AI) portfolio.

HP Expands Adaptive Infrastructure Portfolio with Integration of VMware vSphere 4



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12/3/2009 - Google has begun testing a service that will make transcripts of voice mail messages and make them searchable...

After Gmail, Google wants to search your voice mail too



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4/2/2009 - Despite criticism that Windows Vista came in too many versions, Microsoft is moving ahead with plans to offer just as many editions of Windows 7.

Multiple versions of Windows 7 planned



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7/1/2009 - Burton Group analyst Anne Thomas Manes set off a storm of IT industry chatter around the viability of SOA when she pronounced that service-oriented architecture is dead and the recession killed it.

SOA: Wanted Dead or Alive



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17/11/2008 - Canonical has announced it is to develop a version of its Ubuntu Linux desktop operating system specifically for ARM's Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 processor architectures.



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20/10/2008 - ... few IT managers are aware of the potential security threat that increased use of virtual machines (VMs) pose to their infrastructure.

Virtual machines and the emergence of virtual threats



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17/9/2008 - In this Videocast, you will discover how automated testing can be used during software development, particularly agile software development. Learn how automated testing initiatives can be used in conjunction with manual testing to ensure software is released with as few bugs as possible.

The pros and cons of automated software testing



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28/7/2008 - Computing giant IBM has made a move for French business rules software maker Ilog in an attempt to improve its business process management (BPM) and service oriented architecture (SOA) technologies.

IBM set to buy Ilog



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30/5/2008 - Rational AppScan Developer Edition is an offering created to empower developers with the ability to invoke Web application security testing within their development environment in a non-disruptive fashion.

 Rational AppScan Developer Edition v7.7 Open Beta



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5/5/2008 - HP introduced new and enhanced quality and management software designed to increase the success of mainstream deployment of service-oriented architectures (SOA) by businesses.



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11/4/2008 - Solution providers say a Gartner session this week in Las Vegas titled "Windows is Collapsing: How What Comes Next Will Improve" is more fiction than fact.



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23/1/2008 - IBM said it is expanding its broad service-oriented architecture portfolio with the acquisition of AptSoft, a maker of business event processing software. AptSoft's products will sit in IBM's WebSphere line.

IBM buys vendor for SOA



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20/11/2007 - Businesses need to change to stay viable and IT must enable this flexibility ... enabling governance and managing the risk of delivering software is becoming a top requirement for global lines of business and IT leaders.

 Enterprise IT and modernization for flexibility



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25/10/2007 - Hewlett-Packard last week climbed into a ring already filled with heavyweight contenders to announce it is supplying business services management.

HP dukes it out with IBM, CA, BMC on services management



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29/8/2007 - Microsoft is to start shipping System Center Configuration Manager 2007, its new system-management software, from November.

Microsoft announces launch date for SMS successor



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3/7/2007 -  Data leak prevention (DLP) -- which The 451 Group calls anti-data leakage (ADL) -- is a hot topic at many organizations today.

DLP in Flux



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25/6/2007 - Spectrum Network Fault Manager 8.1 now takes into account human error in network settings, something that previously required a separate tool  ...

CA's Spectrum tool now looks at human errors



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22/5/2007 - HP has today announced a major update to its service oriented architecture (SOA) strategy featuring new consultancy services, an updated version of its recently acquired Systinet SOA service registry product, and new details on how it plans to integrate its various SOA management suites.

HP unveils SOA strategy



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\hpweb.gif

9/4/2007 - "The acquisition of Mercury Interactive provides HP with a strong BSM solution with a new and improved configuration management database (CMDB) strategy"

Independent Research Report Names HP a Leader in the Business Service Management Software Market



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\freshnews.gif

12/3/2007 -  McAfee, Inc. today announced the results of a McAfee SiteAdvisor research report that creates a global road map of the riskiest, and the safest, places to surf and search on the World Wide Web.

McAfee Reveals List of Riskiest Country Web Sites



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\SmartEnterprise.gif

28/2/2007 -  Developed in the U.K., the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is an effective framework for IT best practices. A growing number of U.S. companies are taking notice.

Why ITIL Rules



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9/2/2007 -  HP is looking to grow its software business, partly through acquisitions. Look for it to snap up companies in the area of information management.

Who Will Hewlett-Packard Acquire Next?



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\dmr.gif

1/1/2007 - Scott Kane: CA is absolutely dedicated to database management, and we continue to increase our investment toward managing all of the major database platforms.

The Business of Infrastructure



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\networkworld.gif

12/12/2006 - HP will use its HP Software Universe show in Vienna, Austria, to introduce its newly formed HP Software business -- which encompasses the company's own OpenView software, as well as Peregrine Systems and the recently purchased Mercury Interactive products.

HP showcases new software group



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\crn.gif

7/12/2006 - CA is leveraging its July acquisition of XOsoft to add WAN-based replication and continuous data protection (CDP) to its data protection software.

CA adds replication, CDP, disaster recovery ARCServe



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27/11/2006 - CA will broaden the range of options for managing a heterogeneous mix of virtual servers and server clusters when it launches the next major version of its Unicenter Advanced Systems Management software.

Unicenter Goes Virtual



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\infoworld.gif

24/11/2006 - Enterprise professionals comforted by Web services security standards - proposed or established - may want to think again. Although useful for securing Web services messages, the specifications do little to safeguard against SOAP array overflow attacks ...

Web services security standards aren't enough



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\bitpipe.gif

1/11/2006 - IT Service Management (ITSM) Process Maps provide a clear representation of the ITIL best practice framework. Each map details each ITIL process, the ITIL process activities that must be navigated to achieve ITIL process goals ...

ITIL Best Practices for Configuration Management: An IT Service Management Process Map



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\tivoli.gif

6/10/2006 - IBM today announced new service management software, tools and business partner resources to help organizations address the vexing complexity, performance bottlenecks and disparate technologies ...

New IBM Tivoli Service Management Software, Tools and Resources Help Companies Combat IT Complexity



Description: Description: C:\OnTarget\WebSite\images\hpweb.gif

25/7/2006 - HP today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Mercury Interactive Corp., a leading IT management software and services company, through a cash tender offer ...

HP to acquire Mercury Interactive Corp.



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7/6/2006 - Why not roll both security tools into a common solution? CA has done just that with ITM (Integrated Threat Management) r8, a bundling of eTrust AntiVirus and eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware ...

CA ITM means double trouble for digital invaders



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20/3/2006 - CA on March 20, 2006 brought three of its desktop and server administration tools under the Unicenter R11 umbrella to provide an integrated tool set that shares a common architecture and agent ...

CA Cuts Complexity of Managing Managers



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