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The final product (DMM) is a real navigation instrument of the company against the goals it has set and based on the strategy it follows. This method consists of several analysis tools used to create a multifaceted and secure image of the strategy followed. These tools are interconnected and with direct influence between them, so that they can give a direct picture of the course of the company towards its goals, as well as which specific areas deviate from the plan.

In addition to the classic methods used in strategic planning such as PEST (macro environment analysis), Porter five forces analysis (microenvironment analysis), as well as SWOT-analysis for the strategic position of the company, the following tools are used which are in interaction so that any change that occurs in the data is reflected and directly negatively or positively affects the current image in the DMM.

The following tools of the EMAS strategic management technology:

Market Volume & Complexity (MVC) analysis

Analyze the competitiveness of the business model of the company and competitors, the sales and the share on the market from the market volume in monetary terms for your and competitors’ companies. Determines and forecast the target market modelling, its volume, structure and its challenges always in physical and monetary terms. MVC consists of two groups:

  • Group 1 - Market modelling, forecasting the volume and structure of the market
  • Group 2 - Forecasting market challenges and factors influencing the change in the difficulty of working on the market during the forecast period.

Comparative Competitive Matrix (CCM)

The competition is won by a company that has smarter and more efficient business model. The issue of business model is THE MAIN ISSUE in strategic management. You can win the competition if you have one or more advantages.

Market Risks (MaRis) analysis

Scenario oriented market risks analysis approach.

Comparative Analysis of Competitors

Brand Equity Analysis

Brand Equity score matrix.

Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Health score matrix.

Business Processes Analysis

Comparative analysis of internal business processes based on five different projections.

CSI score matrix

Quality management on the basis of the Customer Satisfaction Index based on standards of customer management for possession and creation of Unique Selling Proposition.

Decision Making Matrix

Forecasting the efficiency and effectiveness of a business model of a company and its competitors.

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