Who we are

ONTARGET is an established firm located in Athens Greece. Having the rights to implement the full potentials of EMAS Strategic Management Technology and using the cumulative experience of its partners in various projects over the years, is able to deliver exceptional results across the globe.



To be the best known strategic and management consulting and advisory company for small and midsized businesses in Greece and abroad.

We believe we will achieve our vision by delivering best in class business and financial advisory solutions for small and midsized organizations with better collaboration, professionalism and exceptional client service. By building a culture that attracts the best people drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems.


Our mission is to provide to small and midsized businesses which are usually under budget constriction the strategic and management, business advisory solutions giving them the ability to compete with larger and well capitalized companies, and enabling them to achieve their business vision and breakthrough goals..

Finding solutions to their most pressing needs, challenges and concerns.

As a consultancy, our business model is to provide independent advice to clients.


What makes us different

  • Our strategic design process is multidimensional and precise metrics, aiming to the maximum accuracy on current situation especially during planning and scenario development phases.
  • Analysis is based on a wide integrated toolset which are used as instruments for realizing and correcting our position in a context.
  • Developing different scenarios for each market sector with different implementations approaches per scenario company’s success.
  • Utilizing the existing resources of the company by submitting modestly budgeted, highly efficient proposals, which can be financed through the growth of the company itself.
  • Focusing on continuous improvement of processes and services based on detailed KPIs.
  • Provide clear communication to management based on detailed reports for the whole duration of our consulting intervention.